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500 South Sandusky Avenue
Bucyrus, Ohio 44820-2623

The Utility Billing Office is responsible for billing, collecting, and providing services for water, sewer, storm water and sanitation.


You will be allowed a total of 12 bags and NO FURNITURE. All items must be in bags.

The following is a list of fees the Street Department and the landfill charge for accepting some junk items. These and any additional fee(s) for the city’s service will be added to your utility bill. Please call the Utility Department to make arrangements for all pick-ups.

Fees to remove junk items
Appliances i.e. A/C $30 each

Free without Freon, $15 with Freon

TVs under 21 inches $20 each $5 each
TVs 21 inches to 32 inches

$25 each

$10 each
TVs 33 inches or larger $30 each $15 each
Couch or large chair $25 each $49 per ton
Small furniture $15 each $49 per ton
Car/cycly batteries will not accept free
Scrap lumber (mixed in) will not accept $49 per ton

Scrap lumber (separated)

will not accept $20.55 per ton
Car & pickup tires will not accept $3.00 each off rim or $8.00 each on rim
Semil tires will not accept $7.00 each off rim or $12.00 each on rim

Tractor tires

will not accept $25
Other demolition items will not accept $20.55 per ton


call for pricing call for pricing
Bag of leaves $1.00 per bag ------------
Bags of trash (between 7 to 11) $1.00 per bag ------------
Bags of trash (in excess of 12) $1.00 per bag ------------
Bags in excess of 35 pounds $2.00 per bag with a limit of $5.00 per week ------------

*Fees are set by City Ordinance 931.02

The city will grind brush at your curb for a minimum fee based on volume - The city will not accept root balls. 

Junk items such as tires, batteries, and old appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, washers and dryers may be taken directly to the Crawford County Landfill where they will be accepted for a small fee. 

There is no charge at the recycle center for scrap metals, household, batteries, computers, keyboard, cell phones, fluorescent lamps or used motor oil. 

NOTE: All items must be set at the edge of your property. The city will not go onto your property. 

Removing these items will keep properties and neighborhoods looking neat and clean and keep them healthy by eliminating places for rats, mich, mosquitoes or other disease carrying vermin to live and multiply. Mosquitoes transmit more than just diseases such as encephalitis, west nile virus, yellow fever and malaria to humans. They also transmit encephalitis in horses, anthrax in sheep, and deadly parasites such as heartworms to our canine pets. Removing items like tires that accumulate stagnant water and allow mosquitoes to multiply reduces their population.  

Bucyrus Utility Office 419-562-6767 Option 2 

Crawford County Recycle Center 419-562-4169

Crawford County Sanitary Landfill 419-562-4039


The Ohio Department of Development and Ohio Heartland Community Action Commission will help income-eligible Ohioans with water and wastewater assistance. The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program provides eligible Ohioans assistance paying water and wastewater bills. The program runs from December 13, 2021, through September 30th, 2022.

To apply for the program, clients are required to contact Ohio Heartland Community Action Commission at 740-387-1039. Ohio Heartland CAC serves all Crawford, Marion, and Morrow counties.

To be eligible for the LIHWAP program, clients need to be at or below 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Clients need to bring copies of the following documents to their appointment:

Copies of their most recent water/wastewater bills;
A list of all household members and proof of income for the last 30 days or 12 months for each member;
Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency for all household members;
Proof of disability (if applicable)
For more information about the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program, contact Ohio Heartland Community Action at 740-387-1039 or contact your local Energy Assistance provider, at (800)282-0880 (hearing impaired clients may dial 711 for assistance) or visit

Sign up for Direct Payment and pay your Bucyrus Utility Bill automatically from your bank.
Download and complete the Utility Department Debit Authorization Form. Then return it to the Bucyrus Utility Office and pay your utility bill automatically.

VISIT myCity of Bucyrus Account today and create your new account.

If you were a privous user of the old system you also will need to create a new account. Your old user name and password will not work.

You will need your Customer ID Number that is printed on your bill to create a new account.

FAQ City of Bucyrus Water Service in Crawford County                 Revised 11-21

Can I pay a tap-in fee now and hook up to the Bucyrus City water system at a later date?

Yes, provided that you connect within six months of paying your entire tap-in fee or by paying the initial tap-in fee deposit if you choose one of the alternative payment plans.

Will the City of Bucyrus pay for the water line to my house?

The City of Bucyrus will provide water from the main line to a curb box.  The homeowner is responsible for the installation of a line from the curb box to your house.

 What items are included in the Tap-In Fee?

Included in the fee are the following:  the tap onto the main water line, boring under the road if needed with a service line to the curb box in the right of way (at the edge of your property).  A meter is also included as well as the cost of abandoning your current water source. A backflow preventer will also be provided.   All labor charges are also included in the tap-in fee.

What  if I do not wish to abandon my current water source?

You may keep your alternative source for personal use as well as having City water as long as you have a backflow preventer installed and inspected yearly.   The City of Bucyrus will pay for the backflow preventer, but the homeowner is required to pay for the installation of the backflow preventer as well as the annual inspection fee.

Who is responsible for the water line?

The City of Bucyrus is responsible for maintenance of the main water line as well as the service line to your curb box.  The homeowner is responsible for maintenance of the service line from the curb box to your home up to and including the connection to the meter.

How do you read my water meter?

Our meters use cellular technology and will be read from our office.  An App is available that shows your usage of water.  Details are available in our Utility office.

How will I be billed for services?

Water usage is billed on a monthly basis.  We encourage you to sign up for electronic billing and the automatic deduction plan to avoid late charges or possible disconnection of service.  Our utility department staff can give you details on electronic billing and auto pay.


water drop logo for Servline by Homeserve

Bucyrus Leak Loss Protection

Beginning May 1, 2021

The city of Bucyrus offers protection against costly service bills caused by unexpected leaks. The City of Bucyrus offers up to $500 coverage per occurrence.

Water & Sewer Leak Residential - $1.10 per month

Single Occupancy - $3.05 per month
Multiple Occupancy - $6.10 per month

In the event of a costly water bill caused by high-water usage due to covered leaks or line breaks, the City of Bucyrus’ leak adjustment program covers the costly water utility bill once the active cause of the leak has been repaired.

All City of Bucyrus customers are automatically enrolled in our Leak Loss Protection Program and charges will appeal on your utility bill. Call us at 1-419-617-0770 to decline protection and accept full responsibility for all excess water charges caused by a water leak.

*Information for the City of Bucyrus Leak Loss Protection Program: High water bills due to leaks occurring after 05/01/2021 will be adjusted through this program. Please refer to our leak adjustment guidelines for qualifications. Cancel anytime. 30-day wait period for re-enrollment. Call HomeServe for more information and request a copy of the full terms and restrictions. ServLine is a registered trademark of HomeServ. The City of Bucyrus Leak Loss Protection Program’s financial obligations are backed by an insurance policy procured as part of the ServLine program.

Payments May Be Made At The Following Locations:
City Hall 
500 South Sandusky Avenue 
Bucyrus, OH 44820
or the drive up box next to the Police Station alley entrance of City Hall
or mail your payment to:
Bucyrus Utility Dept. 
P.O. Box 390
Bucyrus, OH 44820

Garbage Collection Policy:

All household trash shall be placed in metal or plastic containers with lids, or plastic bags that are not to exceed 45 gallons or weigh more than 35 pounds. Each household is limited to 6 bags or cans or a combination of the two. Additional fees will be billed to your account if you exceed these limits. To ensure pick-up, have your trash placed at the curb by 7:00 am. Collection times may vary. 
Please contact the Utility Billing Office with questions about the Garbage Collection Policy.

The City of Bucyrus Solid Waste Department will only pick up furniture items if they are completely wrapped in heavy plastic sheeting.

Do you reside alone? Are you a retired person 62 or older and whose spouse or domestic partner is 62 or older? You may be eligible for a reduced rate on your garbage collection fee.

To obtain the benefit of the reduced fee for a householder who resides alone, or who, together with his or her spouse or domestic partner has attained the age of sixty-two years or more, the householder must file with the City Water Department an application which shall include proof of age of the householder and spouse or domestic partner, and, if applicable, shall include a signed statement attesting to the fact that said householder resides alone. Note: any householder who consumes more than 500 cubic feet of water per month in each of three (3) consecutive months shall be presumed to be ineligible for the reduced fee, and said householder’s account shall be converted to a standard household (Bucyrus Codified Ordinance 931.03(b)).

Call the Bucyrus Utility Office at 419-562-6767 to take advantage of this reduced rate today.

Changes To Bulk Water Fill Station at 407 Water Street

As of August 28th, 2017 the City of Bucyrus Water Treatment Plant has moved to our new location on Beechgrove Road. We are currently working toward having a new bulk fill station constructed at our new facility on Beechgrove Road in the near future. We will continue to provide bulk water service at the Water Street location with the following temporary policies:

  • You must have a code for purchasing bulk water
  • No cash will be accepted
  • Fill at your own risk, no attendant will be on site
  • Any questions, feel free to contact the Water Treatment Plant at 419-562-7951

You will continue to have access to the Bulk Fill Station at the old Water Treatment Plant with an access code. If you do not have an access code, call the Water Treatment Plant at 419-562-7951. You will be billed accordingly at the end of each month. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time of transition to our new facility.


Graphic showing toilet with a No Symbol


  1. Medications
  2. Personal, Cleaning, or Baby Wipes
  3. Frminine Products
  4. Plastics – Bags, Bottles, Swabs
  5. Chemicals
  6. FOGs – Fats, Oil, Grease
  7. Cloth
  8. Grease – Auto/Industrial
  9. Condoms and Wrappers
  10. Diapers

Ohio Water Environment Association  Ohio’s Water Quality People!

Bucyrus Online Utility Payment

Paying Your Bill

You can pay your Bucyrus via MuniciPAY using:

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Money Order
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (service fee will apply, see below)
  • Electronic Check Payments (service fee will apply, see below)
pay online

Credit Card Payments Made in Office or via Telephone

Bucyrus offers the convenience of accepting MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa credit cards for utility payments. The payment processing company charges a service fee of 2.65% or $3.00 minimum to cardholders who use this service. Just stop by our office or give us a call at 419-562-6767 Option 2 to use your MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express or Visa.

credit card logos

Credit Card Payments Made Online

Now you can pay your utility payment from the comfort of your home or office by using our online payment service. Credit cards accepted: MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Visa. A per transaction service fee of 2.65% or $3.00 minimum will be charged by the payment processing company for this service.

credit card logos




pay online

Privacy & Security
Your online payments are secure!  You can make utility payments at our website with confidence.  We have partnered with Noble Payment Technologies, a leading payment gateway, to offer safe and secure credit card transactions for our customers. Noble Payments Technologies manage the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the credit card processing networks.  The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing. For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive cardholder data, please contact our office.
Terms & Conditions
There will be a fee assessed to your credit/debit card when paying online or in the office. You will be alerted to the amount before the transaction is complete. This fee will not be refunded if a duplicate or overpayment is made. In addition, please allow 2-3 business days for any debits to appear on your accounts when paying by credit or debit.
Refund Policy
Payments made via the website or in the office are final and are not reversible.  Please use caution when entering online payments.  Payments returned to our office for non-sufficient funds are subject to a $25 fee and can result in immediate disconnections of service.
Please contact the Bucyrus Utilities Billing Department at (419) 562-6767 OPTION 2 if you have any questions.
Automatic Bill Pay Through Deduction
The City of Bucyrus now offers customers the option of paying their utility bill electronically. Funds are transferred from the customer's checking account directly to the City to pay for all services that are on the City's utility bill.

Simply come to the office and complete the authorization form along with a voided check. This will help ensure that your transactions are appropriately posted. Allow 1-2 months for processing and withdrawals to start. Continue to pay your bill via other methods of payment until a message appears on your bill showing the withdrawal of electronic payment.

Payments are deducted on the due date or the closet to the due date, depending on holidays and weekends of your billing statement each month.

The City of Bucyrus' bank will instruct your bank to deduct the entire amount of your utility bill from your checking account. Your bank will deduct your payment amount and forward the payment electronically to the City of Bucyrus' bank.

The payments will be shown on your monthly statement from your financial institution.

Yes. The City will continue to mail your utility bills to you as usual. However, in the message box on the bill it will clearly state that your account has been set up to have payments made electronically.

Your monthly statement from your financial institution will include information on the payments that you have made, including the name of the payee, the amount of the payment, and the date it was paid.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your bill or the amount due, you should contact the Bucyrus Utilities Billing Department at (419) 419-562-6767 option 2.

You must notify the Bucyrus Utilities Department 30 days in advance in writing that you want to stop paying your bills electronically.

Note On E-Pay
Please note that payments made through a bank’s e-pay system are not directly deposited to the city. A physical check is processed by the bank and mailed to the Bucyrus Utility Department. This process can take 5 to 10 business days depending on the banking institution. Accounts are considered paid upon receipt of the physical check from the bank.

image of water flushing out of a fire hydrant

2021 Hydrant Flushing Program

The City of Bucyrus Water Department will begin their annual flushing of fire hydrants on Monday July 5, 2021. Flushing will continue Monday – Friday through September.

Discolored water may be temporarily present in homes and businesses following hydrant flushing. Please be advised to flush cold water through a faucet until it runs clear. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the City of Bucyrus Utility Office at 419-562-6767 option 2 during weekday business hours.

Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Protecting our Public Water System

What is a cross-connection? Any physical connection created between a possible source of contamination and any drinking water system piping.
What is backflow? It is the flow through a cross-connection from a possible source of contamination back into the drinking water system. It occurs when a cross-connection is created and a pressure reversal, either as backsiphonage or backpressure, occurs in the water supply piping. READ MORE

Lead Safety Information

Is there lead in my drinking water? You can reduce the risk of lead exposure from drinking water in your home. READ MORE

woman drinking clean bucyrus water

Annual Water Quality Report

In 2021, the City of Bucyrus detected 9 contaminants in the drinking water and none of them were above the EPA Accepted level for drinking water. You can now view the 2021 City of Bucyrus Annual Water Quality Report on-line at: This report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water. For a translation of the water quality report or to speak with someone about the report please call 419-562-7951. If you would like a paper copy of the Annual Water Quality Report mailed to your home, please call 419-562-7951.

Scam Alert

scam alert icon

If anyone calls you or your business saying your water bill is past due and they will come to collect the money do not give them anything. City utility employees do not collect money at residences or businesses, only at the utility office.

Make checks payable to City of Bucyrus Utility Dept.
Automatic Payment is available. Customers may opt to have the payment deducted from their checking or savings account on the due date of each month. For these services, please contact the Utility Billing Office.  

Check for leaks:

Check all toilets and faucets. Leaky toilets and faucets are the biggest cause of wasted water resulting in large bills. The most common source of leaks is the toilet. Check toilets for leaks by placing a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If after 15 minutes the dye shows up in the bowl the toilet has a leak. Leaky toilets can usually be repaired inexpensively. Toilets can account for almost 30% of all indoor water use, more than any other fixture or appliance.
See how much your LEAKING TOILET can cost per month
See how much your LEAKING FAUCET can cost per month


Buffalo Sewer

This old brick sewer is representative of the main sewer that runs through the heart of Bucyrus.

EPA Statement From Mayor Jeff Reser

Fellow Residents,

I signed a historic agreement on Thursday, September 24 in Council Chambers.  The City of Bucyrus and the United States Environmental Protection Agency have reached an agreement as to the plan for separation of our storm water from our sanitary sewers.  Negotiations have been ongoing for fifteen years and has been full of contention and impasse.  We risked the threat of civil and criminal penalties but now have an agreement in place that will begin the process of relieving pressure on the Buffalo Run, our sanitary sewer that runs through much of the center of Bucyrus.  Separation will take many years and we will begin next year on Plymouth Street with Southern Avenue being the next phase.  The agreement is good for Bucyrus because it allows us to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and also allows us to plan manageable time periods for construction. 

Your Bucyrus City Council, under the leadership of Garnet "Sis" Love, is to be commended for their unanimous support of the project. Without their cooperation and vision for the future of Bucyrus this historic agreement would not have occurred.

There is sacrifice for all of us including the EPA fee of $7.20 that you may have noticed on your last utility bill.  Clean water has been in the news a great deal lately and we can say that Bucyrus residents are doing their part and I commend everyone for your support of our plan.  You are making a difference in your city, in your beautiful river and in your outstanding lake. 

Thank you.

Mayor Jeff Reser

Information About The EPA Fee On Your Utility Bill

Fellow Residents,

You may have recently read about a Federal Environment Protection Administration (EPA) order that will be issued for the city of Bucyrus in 2015. This order is the culmination of many years of planning and negotiation with the both the State of Ohio EPA and Federal EPA. The issue is the amount of sewage overflows that occur during heavy rain storms when raw sewage from the city of Bucyrus empties directly into the Sandusky River. This happens because our current wastewater treatment plant cannot handle the volume of water and sewage during large storms. 

Water pollution has been on the forefront of the news in the last few years—especially for Lake Erie where dangerous toxins have formed each summer which make Lake Erie unsuitable as a water source for drinking as well as recreation. The EPA is looking at all sources of pollution for the lake and the overflow from city sewers in one of the causes of river and lake pollution.

City officials and engineers have proposed a long term separation plan that will reduce the number of overflows as required by the EPA and they will be accepting our plan this year. The plan will take many years to complete and in the end we will have turned our main sewer line into a storm water line. The first seven year phase begins in 2016 and there will be multiple phases before the project is completed. City officials, engineers and the EPA will reevaluate progress before each seven year phase is approved.

There is good news. Part of Bucyrus has already had storm water and sewers separated. We estimate that thirty percent of the city has been finished when streets were reconstructed, in anticipation of the EPA order. In fact, Plymouth Street will be the next project that will be completed and this will take place in 2016. So we are well on our way to complying with the mandate but more work needs to be done and the work needs to be done on a timely schedule. 

Unfortunately for the residents of Bucyrus there are no federal funds available for the EPA mandates. We will have to pay for the project out of fees generated by users. Beginning with the August utility bills you will notice a new charge called the “EPA Fee.” This charge will be $7.20 each month and this fee will go to fulfilling our EPA mandate requirements. There will also be a small monthly increase in the sewer portion of your bill of 3% per year for the next five years. 

We don’t like to announce rate increases but we have no other choice in the matter and we ask for your patience and understanding as we do our part in making sure that our waterways are clean.


Mayor Jeff Reser

Buffalo Sewer

This old brick sewer is representative of the main sewer that runs through the heart of Bucyrus.

  • graphical image of Bucyrus extended out from an outling of Ohio

    City of Bucyrus Utility Aggregation Program



    We have a new rate for the City’s electric aggregation starting on your July billing 2017 for the month of June 2017. This contract is valid for 3 years (36 months). The new rate from AEP Energy is .05787 per kilowatt. The current rate is .0632 until June billing for the month May of 2017. If you are currently on the program you will be receiving a letter with detailed information.


    In November 2013 City of Bucyrus voters authorized the creation of a natural gas aggregation program. Your community has selected Constellation New Energy-Gas Division LLC (Constellation as the program supplier. Current our fixed rate is $0.436 per Ccf for the term ending November 2021.

    In December 2021 the new natural gas rate will go down to $0.392 until December 2023. Rate change alert
    Price as of August 27, 2021 through September 27, 2021
    Below is the standard choice offer (SCO) for residential Columbia Gas of Ohio customers. This price can be used with the comparison chart on Energy Choice Ohio to help you find the best deal for you.

    Columbia's standard choice offer is $0.60700
    per ccf

    For more information, please contact Robin Townsend with Aspen Energy at 614-884-5300 x 207.


    Jeff Wagner
    City of Bucyrus
    Service Safety Director