• historic Lincoln Highway marker in Washington Square of Bucyrus Ohio

    Scheduled Meetings


    For Bucyrus City Council meeting schedule please go to the

    The Bucyrus City Traffic Commission will meet on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 2:00 PM in Council Chambers of City Hall.


  • Leaves piled up in the street gutter.

    Please Clear Sidewalks of Snow and Ice


    During this winter season, the elderly, disabled, and schoolchildren especially need sidewalks cleared for safe passage. People rely on you to shovel your sidewalks for their safety. Sidewalks are an important component of the City's transportation system and our goal each winter is to ensure that all sidewalks in Bucyrus are clear of snow and ice. Bucyrus Codified Ordinance 521.04 requires everyone to keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow. Please have your sidewalks cleared within 48 hours of a snow event.

  • Bucyrus compost for your garden

    City of Bucyrus Compost Site


    Located at the Bucyrus Wastewater Treatment Plant 1500 West Southern Avenue.
    The Bucyrus Compost Site is now open by appointment only. Please call the waste water treatment plant as 419-562-8981 to schedule a time to drop off any yard waste.

  • Bucyrus Documants being signed.

    Port Bucyrus Runway Rehabilitation Bid


    Sealed bids subject to the bidding requirements will be received until 11 AM (local time), Thursday, March 16, 2017, and then publicly opened and read in the Bucyrus Council Chambers, 500 S. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820, for furnishing all labor, materials and equipment, and performing all work necessary for the project REHABILITATE RUNWAY 4/22 at the Port Bucyrus - Crawford County Airport.

  • Bucyrus Material Bid being signed

    City of Bucyrus Material Bid


    Download a copy of the legal advertisement and specifications for our material requirements for the year begining April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018. We will be pleased to receive your proposal for furnishing any of the materials.

  • Leaves piled up in the street gutter. Zoning, Government,

    Our new Interactive Zoning Map is now live. It features higher resolution tiles giving you a clearer image of the areas of interest. Also, there is a button at the top of each tile page that will download a high resolution image of the area. Finally, you also have the availability of downloading a full zoning map in .pdf format.

  • Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan

    Bucyrus Welcomes Congressman Jim Jordan


    The City of Bucyrus is pleased to welcome Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio’s 4th district. Congressman Jordan will hold office hours at Bucyrus City hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Congressman Jordan is very interested in hearing your views on issues of importance to you.

    The Congressman invites you to view his website for more information.

Bucyrus Art Park Construction
  • Community, Parks, Events

Hello Bucyrus Community!

I have great news to share!   Several months ago we applied for a grant from the Timken Foundation for our new art park.  You may remember that we found ourselves short of funds to finish the wall and to add artwork to the park.

Bob Hiltbrand from Timken told me that our grant request has been accepted and we are being granted $110,000 to finish the project.  The funds will be used for those items that were not in the original proposal.

Bucyrus Mayor Jeff Reser

Bucyrus Mayor Jeff Reser
  • Street Closings


    February 16, 2017

    The intersection of Irving Street and North Sandusky Avenue will be a four-way stop until further notice. The utility poles at Irving Street and Sandusky Avenue will be installed on Monday, February 20, 2017. This project will take the entire day to set the pole and to have the traffic light working again. Traffic will be re-routed around the by-pass to/from Plymouth Street.

  • New Alarm Ordinance 32-2015

    Police, Safety

    Beginning January 1, 2016, residents and businesses that have alarm systems will no longer be required to register and pay an alarm permit fee. False alarms will be addressed in the following manner:

    In any consecutive twelve month period,

    • Two (2) false alarms will receive a written warning.
    • Five (5) false alarms will result in a $50 administrative fee.
    • Ten (10) false alarms will result in a $100 administrative fee.
    • Fifteen (15) false alarms will result in a $150 administrative fee.
    • Twenty (20) false alarms will result in a $200 administrative fee and a disconnect order may be issued.
    • Twenty five (25) false alarms will result in an order to disconnect the alarm system.

    A person or business who fails to pay the administrative fees imposed within 30 days shall be in default, and an additional $25 will be added for the delinquency.

    The Police Department will respond to all alarms received and will make every attempt to contact the resident or a key holder. It is up to the alarm holder to update their contact information with the Bucyrus Police Department.

  • Tenant-Landlord Facts Page Now Available

    Community, Property Maintenance

    As a service to our community the City of Bucyrus has published our Tenant-Landlord Facts online to help you better understand your responsibilities and rights under the law. We hope that your will read it carefully and use it as a guide for better Tenant-Landlord relations.

  • Transparency In City Government


    Fellow Residents of Bucyrus:

    Thursday was an historic day in Bucyrus.  Transparency in local government is here to stay!  I led the effort to open our city's finance to you the taxpayer by being one of the very first municipalities in the state to sign up for OhioCheckbook.com.   I met with Ohio State Treasurer, Josh Mandel on September 24 in Columbus for the announcement.  Just go to www.ohiocheckbook.com and click on the "Local Gov and Schools" tab in the upper right hand corner.  Enter "Bucyrus" to view our city's checkbook and see how we spend your tax dollars.

    Thanks to City Auditor Joyce Schifer for providing support to Treasurer Mandel's office during the implementation of the program.  Joyce's support was critical in making Bucyrus a leader in government transparency.

    Mayor Jeff Reser

  • What to do with those old tires

    Property Maintenance, Safety

    Old tires on your property can become a problem. Not only are they unsightly, they hold rain water creating a breeding pool for mosquitoes. If you have old tires, you can dispose of them at the Crawford County Solid Waste Management facility located at 5128 Lincoln Highway East, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820. You can download the list of fees or visit the Crawford County Solid waste Management's website for more information on recycling material.


  • Know Ohio's open burning regulations

    Fire, Property Maintenance, Safety

    In the State of Ohio it is never allowed to burn garbage, materials containing rubber, grease and asphalt or made from petroleum, such as tires, cars and auto parts, plastics or plastic-coated wire. Please view Ohio EPA's Fact Sheet on Open Burning Regulations.


    By Bucyrus Utility Department

    The City of Bucyrus Water Department will begin their annual flushing of fire hydrants on Monday July 11, 2016
    Flushing will continue Monday – Friday thru September
    Discolored water may be temporarily present in homes and businesses following hydrant flushing. Please be advised to flush cold water through a faucet until it runs clear.

    If you have further questions or concerns, please call the City of Bucyrus Utility Office at 419-562-6767 option 2 during weekday business hours.


image of mom drinking a glass of water
  • Water Supply

Safe Bucyrus Drinking Water

Bucyrus city water is pure, healthy, good for you and, above all---safe!
In light of a recent NBC Channel Four story, the city of Bucyrus was reported to have a higher than allowable (according to California requirements) level of Chromium 6. The testing was done by an advocacy group in 2014 and early 2015 in four separate tests.

Rest assured that the city water is tested for levels of Chromium 6 and all contaminants are published in an annual report. Our level of Chromium 6 is below the level that needs to be reported according to the Ohio EPA. Tests for the last three years have shown that our level of Chromium 6 is less .01 mg/l. The acceptable level for Ohio, according to the EPA is .1 mg/l and we are not even close to that level.

The bottom line is that water purity is a top concern for all members of our administration and our fine staff at the water treatment plant and we stand behind the purity of Bucyrus city water. It's safe and pure.

Please refer to our annual report at https://www.cityofbucyrusoh.us/ccr-2015.pdf on the Bucyrus website. Please call my office if you have any questions. 419.562.6767 ext 223.

Mayor Jeff Reser