Bucyrus Schines Art Park

“Art is the activity by which a person, having experienced an emotion, intentionally transmits it to others” – Leo Tolstoy

Sunset Movie Schedule

Schines Art Park will host sunset movies on the First Friday and Second Saturday of May - September. The first movie night is May 4th...so we are pretty sure of a theme for this one. We are also continuing to look for vendors (food, entertainment, etc.) who want to join the movie night festivities!
A big thank you to all of our sponsors!
May 4, Sponsored by Bucyrus City Council
May 12, Sponsored by Wise Funeral Home (reschedule date June 22)
June 1, Sponsored by Bucyrus Public Library
June 9, Sponsored by Bucyrus Fraternal Order of Police
Also Car Show Night
June 22 - make up date from Wise Funeral Home (May 12)
July 6, Sponsored by our neighbor, Midwest Furniture
July 14, Drive-In Saturday Night Double Feature
Sponsored by AAA and
Bucyrus Public Employees Union, AFSCME
August 3, Sponsored by Bucyrus Mayor Jeff Reser and Lee's 
August 11, Sponsored by Mark's Homemade Ice Cream
September 8, Sponsored by First Federal Community Bank

Movie Schedule: (Due to licensing issues we are not allowed to promote the names of the movies)

May 4, May the Fourth be With You. No it's not Star Wars, who could afford that license fee? But there will be Aliens and they will likely reside in the upstairs portion of someones house.

May 12 WEATHER CANCELATION - make up date June 22, Introducing the Oneders!

June 1, Everyone's favorite princess and I am pretty sure she gets married.

June 9, It's the Car Show and John Travolta and Olivia Newton John is some singing and dancing movie you might have heard of. Greasers welcome.

June 22 - (this is the make up date from May 12), Introducing the Oneders!

July 6, First Friday and its Christmas in July. Lets hope we are well guarded by these legendary holiday heroes.

July 14, 1970's Drive In Saturday Night Double feature. A giant building in flames, followed by little Ronnie Howard as a hard driving outlaw.

August 3, A modern remake of those three classic knuckleheads and their misadventures. The Mayor says it is his favorite.

August 11, He is the son of a god and everyone's favorite dyslexic superhero but unfortunately the sea is full of monsters!

September 8, He is blue and maybe evil with a giant brain, but a love-able villain nonetheless.

workers placing rebar into the wall foundation
Art Park Wall Construction
Park construction
The new wall nearing completion
Art Park Wall Construction
Park construction
view of the Midwest Furniture wall being prepared for construction
Art Park Wall Construction
Park construction
workers preparing the foundation
Art Park Wall Construction
Park construction
cement blocks used for the walll
Art Park Wall Construction
Park construction
Building material for the wall
Art Park Wall Construction
Park construction