City of Bucyrus Administration Report

City of Bucyrus Administration Report
from Mayor Reser and SSD Wagner
May 8, 2020


“If you haven't got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”  Bob Hope

We love this quote from fellow Ohioan, Bob Hope, who spent his life entertaining us and giving to those in need—a true model of charity for us all.

Great news! Chief Koepke and Lieutenant Dorsey are getting over their bouts with COVID-19 and we are grateful and send our best wishes to their entire families.  As we enter a new phase of dealing with the virus we ask you to be considerate of others by social distancing and wearing a mask when in businesses.  Our businesses began opening this week and many will expand hours next week and we are looking forward to our restaurants opening soon thereafter, and, of course, we all need haircuts!  Bucyrus will bounce back but please be charitable in all things when dealing with others.

The trees are coming out in full force and it’s a good time to enjoy all the beauty that nature provides.  We have been aggressive in rejuvenating our tree canopy in the city and you will notice improvements on our streets and parks.  Unfortunately, we have had to freeze spending to the lack of revenue that was brought on by the virus and we are not planting trees at this time.  We are taking donations and tree memorials to help fund the 2020 plantings that we are the drawing board.  Please call us if you can help.

City Council voted unanimously to require the Administration to apply for a grant that would partially pay for the addition of six firefighters in anticipation of taking on EMS in our fire department in 2022.   Concerns were brought up about taking on additional expenses at a time when revenues were dropping quickly.  The Administration is concerned that the wording of the grant will not allow layoffs in the Fire Department for three years and if layoffs were needed to balance budgets then the Police Department staffing would bear the brunt of the cost savings in the form of layoffs.  Auditor Schifer presented the tax revenue figures to City Council and expressed her concern about the acceptance of the SAFER grant would lead us into fiscal emergency. 

We are looking at a plan to open City Hall to the public in the near future in a way that will ensure safety of city workers as well as visitors.  Your patience is appreciated.

We will be back next week but, in the meantime, remember to social distance, wash hands, and #BeKindBucyrus!  May God bless us all.

Please email or call us with your thoughts. 419-562-6767 x 223 or 419-562-6767 x 224