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Bucyrus A Successful And Vibrant Ohio Community!

Yes, we are the small city positioned in the heart of Ohio! Bucyrus offers small city living with easy access to large cities with major sporting events, shopping, museums, and other entertainment. You may also know us as the Bratwurst Capital of America”, our well-known three day festival during the third week in August.

Strategically located in the heart of Ohio, Bucyrus is truly an All American community!
Boasting eight parks and safe neighborhoods, Bucyrus offers a higher quality of life for you and your family!




WHEREAS, President Trump has declared a National state of emergency to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus; and

WHEREAS, Governor DeWine has also declared a state of emergency for the State of Ohio to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus,

Be it therefore proclaimed by Mayor Jeffrey L. Reser, pursuant to Bucyrus Codified Ordinance 509.07 that a Civil Emergency exists within the City of Bucyrus.  Further, in light of this Civil Emergency, I, as Mayor of the City of Bucyrus do hereby issue the following orders:

  1. All Citizens are requested to obey and comply with the orders of the Governor of the State of Ohio, the Federal, Ohio, and Crawford County Emergency Management Agencies, the Ohio and Crawford County Department of Health, and the emergency orders contained herein.
  2. Access to clean water is critical to our fundamental strategies to protect public health during this crisis.  Therefore, effective immediately and until this emergency proclamation is terminated, the City of Bucyrus will no longer shut off water service.  Citizens should still make their payments either online, or through the Utility Office drive through window.
  3. Effective, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, all City owned buildings shall be closed to the general public.  City offices and departments shall remain open and will be staffed for phone and email inquiries only.  Any matter that requires additional services, or that cannot be completed by phone or email, will be scheduled by appointment. 


The City of Bucyrus Police and Fire Departments remain open and fully staffed.  Both stations shall be closed to the public, however.  Should you need to speak with a police officer, or make a report that cannot be completed over the phone, please call the City of Bucyrus Police Department non-emergency number (419) 562-1006 to schedule an appointment or the Fire Department at (419) 562-1351.  Please, in order to avoid putting our personnel and the community at risk, try to limit your contact with Police and Fire personnel to emergency situations only.


Should you need to contact a specific City office, you may do so at the following numbers and or emails:

  1. Administration:  419-562-6767 x 221 admin@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  2. Auditor:  419-562-6767 x 230 auditor@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  3. City Council:  419-562-6767 x 238 councilclk@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  4. Fire Department:  419-562-1351 bfd@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  5. Income Tax:  419-562-6767 x 234 incometax@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  6. Law Office:  419-562-6767 x 259 lawclk@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  7. Police Department:  419-562-1006 bpd@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  8. Utilities:  419-562-6767 x 241 utilities@cityofbucyrusoh.us
  9. Zoning:  419-562-6767 x 222 zone@cityofbucyrusoh.us



  1. All City employees shall suspend any purchasing, except emergency provisions.
  2. All City employee travel shall be suspended indefinitely.
  3. City parks shall remain open to the public.  However, citizens are urged to follow the Governor’s guidelines on large group meetings.  Rentals for City owned park spaces shall be suspended indefinitely.
  4. All utility bills can be made through the City’s online portal or dropped off in the Utility Office drive through window.  There will also be a drop box at the north east door on the City Hall porch.
  5. All City of Bucyrus Income Tax returns should be mailed to PO Box 28 Bucyrus, OH  44820 with a check or money order payable to Bucyrus Income Tax.  Tax payments for existing balances can also be mailed or paid online at www.govpaynow.com


COMPLETED tax returns may be dropped off in a sealed envelope at the utility office drive through window.  Receipts will only be mailed upon written request at the time of filing.


Citizens that require or request assistance in completing their City income tax form may correspond by phone, fax (419) 562-9259, email, or mail.

  1. All interior property maintenance inspections will be suspended indefinitely.
  2. All building and zoning permit requests must be submitted by email or may be dropped off at the City’s Utility Office drive through window.  If necessary, you will be contacted by the City’s Zoning Department staff for any follow up inquiries.
  3. Effective following the close of the Tuesday, March 17, 2020 City Council meeting, all City of Bucyrus public meetings, including City Council, City Council Committees, and all City Boards shall be suspended through April 30, 2020.  Any necessary public meetings will be scheduled as emergency meetings and held via telephone or videoconferencing.  The public will be invited to attend these meetings via livestreaming.  Please monitor the City of Bucyrus website and Facebook page for announced meeting dates and times.
  4. The City of Bucyrus Police and Fire Departments remain open, fully staffed and will continue to respond to emergencies.  Should you need to speak with a police officer, or make a report that cannot be completed over the phone, please call the City of Bucyrus Police Department non-emergency number (419) 562-1006 to schedule an appointment, or you may appear at the police after hours door, located at the rear of City Hall.
  5.  For more information about the Covid-19 virus, please visit the following websites:







Jeffrey L. Reser, Mayor City of Bucyrus


Statement from the Mayor’s Office Regarding Covid-19 Virus

We appreciate the leadership from the Governor’s office in preparing our State and community to deal with the COVID-19 virus.  This is new territory for us and we want you to know that we are on the job and doing all we can to lessen the impact to our citizens and our businesses.  We are grateful for the support of all our city workers and we will be on the job for you, including all utilities as well as our safety forces.  Please see the following declaration for restrictions.

I ask you to continue to support our business community which will be under stress during this time.  We will post a list of restaurants that will have drive-through and carry-out available.  Small business loans will be available, according to the Lieutenant Governor to ensure that our businesses are aided.

 We have posted an informative article from the Ohio Board of Health so you may be able to identify COVID-19 symptoms as compared to the common cold and the flu. If you are sick please stay home and, of course, use proper hygiene—redouble your efforts to wash your hands and use sanitizers to reduce the spread of germs.  Social distancing is critical—stay six feet away and do not shake hands! If you are in the high-risk groups which includes those over 60 and those with underlying health issues such as diabetes, heart issues, cancer treatments we urge you to stay home to avoid contracting the disease.

This is a time to be extra cautious and not a time to panic.  We are taking these actions as to significantly reduce our risk of contracting COVID-19. Our churches will continue to serve meals on a carry-out basis.  I am asking you to consider taking time to check in on your neighbors—especially the elderly to see if they need any help.  If you are hoarding products stop now!  There is plenty of food in our stores and there is no need to hoard any products. 

The 200 year history of Bucyrus has had many challenges and citizens of this town are caring and tough.  Let’s pull together now and we will get through our current challenge and be even stronger.   Above all, I ask that you please be extra patient and considerate of others.   Please join with me in praying daily for our community, state and country.  May God bless us and be with us.

Mayor Jeff Reser


Bucyrus is a vibrant community

We are excited to present to you this video tour of Bucyrus!
Bucyrus is a great place to work, play and raise your family!
Watch the videos to see how much Bucyrus has for you!

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Great Quality of Life in Bucyrus

Bucyrus is your “All American Neighborhood” offering beautiful parks and recreation, quality education and a variety of shopping and dining choices.   

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Bucyrus Mayor Jeff Reser's Round Table discussions are focused on topics that make the City of Bucyrus a great place to live, work and raise families. Mayor Reser will have special guests on the show that will have valuable information about Bucyrus.


Greetings from Bucyrus Mayor Jeff Reser

Bucyrus Mayor Jeff Reser

Welcome to Bucyrus Ohio!


Hi I’m Jeff Reser, Mayor of the City of Bucyrus!

Bucyrus is a great place to work, live, play and raise a family. My parents moved here in the 1950’s and Bucyrus is a great place to grow up. I raised my own family here. Bucyrus has a lot to offer; including being a great location! We are close to Columbus, Toledo and the Cleveland Akron - Canton area.

For nearly 200 years, our small city has developed a strong reputation for big names. We're home to national industries like General Electric and The Timken Company. But our community wouldn't be what it is today without the hard work of our small businesses. That's why I love to take the time to meet with business owners one-on-one, so that together, we can create a great place to live, work and play. Interested in joining our business community? Our industrial parks offer easy access to Route 4 and Route 30. In Bucyrus, we're always looking for ways we can improve. That's why we're investing in new underground utilities and a state of the art water treatment plant.

Come visit us soon and find out more about what it's like to live in Bucyrus, Ohio: the small city in the middle of everywhere!


We are a community that cares for and supports one another.

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